Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We use the best equipment in the industry to clean your hardwood floors safely and effectively. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we have the hardwood cleaning solutions for you! Give us a call today to have your Bloomington, IL floors cleaned and beautified. 

Tile & Grout

We professionally clean tile and grout for all purposes, both commercial and residential. Whether you’re a high-traffic commercial property owner, or you have discolored tile and grout due to moisture or staining, we can help. We restore surfaces and provide a spotlessly clean finish. 

Office Cleaning

We clean a variety of spaces, including offices. If you are the owner of a large office space looking for an experienced office cleaning company, then give us a call! We provide everything from low-moisture carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, to general cleaning and other cleaning services. 

Floor Cleaning

We clean all kinds of floors, using the best materials that the industry has to offer. We use high-quality chemical solutions to clean VCT, wood, ceramic tiles, and more. It’s our goal to effectuate solid solutions to individual home and business owners. Contact us today for consistently unparalleled service in Central Illinois.